Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you Know?

  • Do you know you are losing your customers because of your e-commerce site? You have to ensure first your product’s price, order process, and product details. For that, you need an e-commerce site.
  • Your customers are facing bad customer service because of your lack of a customer management system. 
  • Your delivery and order process is wasting your customers’ valuable time. 
  • You are losing your brand identity by relying on only f-commerce, You have to depend on it. And any time your page can be reported or blocked. So you need your own brand identity. 
  • The more you deny the more you lose customers. 

                        START NOW

1. Show your products to your customers with your own eCommerce platform

Your customers’ trust in you will be increased 10 times if they can find your products on your own eCommerce site.

  • Using the search option, Your customers can find your products.
  • Customers can order as much they can by adding to the cart.
  • They can also find their previous orders.
  • Customers can add their willing products to the wish list. 
  • Artificial Intelligence will ensure your similar product recommendation for your customers. 
  • Your best selling products will be on trending pages.

2. Collect your customers’ order

  • After selecting products, customers can add their name, address, phone number and their email address to your eCommerce platform. You don’t have to communicate with them again and again by messenger. 

3. Watch your Orders from your admin panel. 

Know every detail about your orders when customer orders and in which state your order is and how many they order. Know those at a time from your admin panel.

  • See at a glance from your dashboard how many orders fulfilled or unfulfilled or canceled. 
  • To know order status, customers don’t have to call you and knock you on messenger, again and again, they can see order status from your panel. 
  • Customers can contact you any time with your eCommerce platform chatbox.  

4. Find out customers order

You will get a lot of orders, then it will be difficult for you to find specific orders. But our smart filter system will help you to find order status and order date and time easily.  

Real-time chatting, Adsense, Great SEO, Social Media, and Email marketing. 

You can add your favorite apps like  Google Analytics, Stripe, Twitter, messenger, etc.

  • You can add your demand in your eCommerce platform header, footer, and style. 

No Commission Fee.

  1. Unlimited Hosting
  2. Unlimited Storage
  3. Unlimited Databases
  4. Unlimited Bandwidth
  5. Load balancer
  6. Custom Domain
  7. Android Apps
  8. Marketing *
  9. SSL Certificate
  10. Business Intelligence
  11. Super admin & staff member permission
  12. Realtime built-in chat
  13. Gift, coupon & affiliate program
  14. Blogging
  15. Service listing
  16. Job post 
  17. Offer post 
  18. Business and service profile

How you will create your eCommerce platform

Login to > > Setup your web 

। Creating an eCommerce platform is so easy at it will take only 5 minutes.  

  • First,  click on this link and create an easyfie account.
    Name: Your name
    Email: Your Email 
  • Profession: Select your  Profession
  • Give a strong password. 
  • Your account is done,  by clicking this link create your eCommerce platform. 
  • Take your domain name select your package 
  • Spread your eCommerce site to your customers and start receiving your orders on your own eCommerce platform. And create your own BRAND identity. 
  • If you face any kind of troubleshoot please knock us.  

Frequently Questions and Answers 

Before calling us please read all the information first Thank you.

We have already decided to create my app, So, What I can I do?
Without any hesitation, Use our system because you might be thinking your developer might finish your work within 1/2 weeks but it will take much time and you have to remain dependable on your developer for the long run. That’s how you will waste your valuable time. And time is most precious for a business owner.  

 How hard will the custom panel be?  

Our technology is developed in such a way that you don’t need any technical knowledge to run your eCommerce site. As you don’t have to rely on a developer and you can manage your site on yourself. You can put your logo and branding on yourself. 

If I need any customization for my site, Will you help me? 
Yes, Our technical team will give you customization support and any kind of support you need.
If there is an error in the system What will I do?
Usually every day we check the system whether there is an error or not. Our technical team is always ready to fix the error. But if there is still a problem, if you contact us we will fix it. 
Is the domain included?
Yes, Usually domain is included in this package, But if you have already bought your domain then we will take only install charge. 

  Is Hosting included with that package?
Yes, hosting is also included in this package, basically, we are providing lite speed SSD Hosting. But our hosting is fully different from others.  On our website, you don’t need any hosting management system. Our technology will convert your domain into an eCommerce site. We usually decide your hosting size by counting your post numbers such that you can have a super-fast browsing experience. And with that, you will get unlimited bandwidth.   

If I want to buy a domain from you then What do I have to do?
You can have a free .com domain in our package. But if you want to buy other domains like .org, .net, etc we can provide you those domains but in that case, we charge from you. And we will ensure a free SSL certificate. 
7. In our eCommerce platform, who will post our products? Your company or we have to do it by ourselves.
If you have our premium package, we will upload your products with our own photography.  But that will be for a limited number not always. We are providing our platform and ensuring your eCommerce site, As that’s your business, you have to upload your products on yourself. But in that case, we can help you to learn how to do that.  
I have some more questions.

If you have more questions, you can contact us directly on our Facebook page or contact on our phone number: 01715162718

Thank you very much and wish you the best of luck.

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