What should need to do at quarantine

lockdown just like everyone else now at this stage, we’re all in the same boat,  just some do’s and don’ts for the next few weeks and months of how to stay while you’re in isolation. 

If you are isolating family with roommates, that’s much better than isolating on your own. But you know, not everyone lives with the people in China. I live alone and I love it. But it’s a different story when you can’t go outside and interact with other people. So this is I’ll just say some things that I think helped me and might help you as well to get through the next

quaraintain time

You know, into the future, no idea how long Last but definitely a few more months anyway. So the first thing I would do, I would say to do and things I’ve been doing is to stay fit or to get fit. 


Going for a walk going for a run just because now that we can’t go out we really want to and you got to try and get fit or stay fit even just for your mental health. It’s a good thing to do. 


The second thing is to cook, cook a lot more. Learn to cook new things. Cook things that you already know how to cook. And if you can cook, cook new things like even little meals easy meals just google a recipe and then follow. It’s not hard. It’s fun passes the time anyway,



Taking advantage of the time you have. And that’s the thing it’s going to be. So it’s going to take such a toll on a lot of our mental health that my advice for that would be, don’t get into a routine. Don’t do the same things every day to try and pass the time. do different things, different days, but don’t like plan it out because then you’re just kind of following your plan it becomes tedious, it becomes monotonous, 


Ah, God, it becomes boring and dull if you do the same thing over and over again. 


But do little different things every day. One big thing for yourself and for others, I think a lot of people are doing this anyway, but just say it anyway. And call and FaceTime WhatsApp call Whatsapp Video call Facebook video call your friends, your family, especially the older members of your family. give them a call. 


One thing I think a lot of people are doing again is investing in a streaming service. Just even a movie a day. Just pass the time doing different things. I would recommend watching something like comedy 


Donate something to take your mind off the current situation. otherwise, that will hand one thing clean a little bit every day, or every two days, clean the sitting room one day, clean the bathroom the next day. And then don’t do it all in the first two days. Don’t do everything in your house in the first week, because then what are you going to do over the next four weeks? 


Doing very little not being as productive. And we’re going to be in this for a long time coming.


So do things that will help your own mental health. I know, you know, people kind of brush over that sometimes stupidly, but a lot of people are going to be unable to cope with staying inside. And the answer isn’t to go outside and socialize. That just can’t happen. You have to learn to stay inside.  


Do some arts, read a book, do some drawing, Now all we’ve got is time to do whatever you’d like to do, but don’t just sit there and be like, Oh my god, I’m so bored. How can you possibly be bored? You got the internet. You’ve got everything you could possibly


You can’t go outside, you can’t go to the pub. So use your going out money to buy some stuff like a coloring book, A sudo gobo I don’t know, a crossword book, anything, just something to distract yourself. A little bit different every day. Just don’t try the same routine. It because even if it’s a routine you enjoy,


it will become monotonous. Got it? It will become dull and tedious. So that’s advice. 

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